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Why June 28 was a great day for Ryan Straschnitzki!

Cam Tait is a best-selling author and award winning journalist determined to honour the dignity and nobility of journalism ON DISABILITIES ... when it mattered and how we need it today


Words, always, create perceptions: good and bad. And there is one word in today’ s story about Ryan Straschnitzki, that is so good, so progressive and so refreshing. Ryan was with the Humboldt Broncos, that April 6 evening a little over a year ago, and now lives with a spinal cord injury after a terrible crash. Ryan, 20, has worked hard, and, most importantly, kept dreaming: sledge hockey. And, Thursday, he received news he was getting some assistance from Adidas.. But, it is not a donation. Nor was there a fundraiser for him. No: it’s a word that embraces equality, and a relationship — hopefully a word which will start a new trend for people with disabilities, and others. And new perceptions. That great word from Adidas? Sponsorship,

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