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28 — 06

Why June 28 was a great day for Ryan Straschnitzki!

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Words, always, create perceptions: good and bad. And there is one word in today’ s story about Ryan Straschnitzki, that is so good, so progressive and so refreshing. Ryan was with the Humboldt Broncos, that April 6 evening a little over a year ago, and now lives with a spinal cord injury after a terrible crash. Ryan, 20, has worked hard, and, most importantly, kept dreaming: sledge hockey. And, Thursday, he received news he was getting some assistance from Adidas.. But, it is not a donation. Nor was there a fundraiser for him. No: it’s a word that embraces equality, and a relationship — hopefully a word which will start a new trend for people with disabilities, and others. And new perceptions. That great word from Adidas? Sponsorship,

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