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Video Vic at the Edmonton Eskimo game — July 28, 2017 (Order No. 5)

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I’m Grandma Anderson. Welcome, welcome, welcome!


Hi there. I want you to meet an old customer, Video Vic.  He is a great sports fan and former producer at a national network. But lost his job when he went on the air, and, on live television, reported the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Calgary Stampeders 17-12 in the Stanley Cup that turned Grey.


Anyway, Video Vic’s hobby is clipping video from sports events and sending them to me. So I’m going to share some of Vic’s work tonight from the Eskimo game.


So … here’s Video Vic!

Is it on yet?

Oh, hello. I’m just out the press box at The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium and I can’t get in the press box because my I was mowing the grass today and, I had my press pass in my pocket because I didn’t want to forget it. But it fell. And in the tall grass. And then our dog, Sparky, ate it. Really.

So I’m sitting in the stands, keeping my eye on the game. And I’m going to share. Like, I think I figured out what the B.C. Lions signal is for short yardage.



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