August 10, 2017 – Cam ‘n Eggs and Grandma Anderson’s (UPDATED AT 9:30 A.M?a

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning!



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Editor Eddie here.



And for another great story about the Edmonton Oiler Community Foundation and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital please click the picture below

Hi. I’m Taxi Ted!

It’s my third day on the job, and, by golly, there’s more traffic here in Edmonton than my hometown, Maidestone, Sask. But we have Uncle Fred’s Eight Track fired up for …



Got a little lost Tuesday. Got confused with Anythony Henday and Princess Elizabeth. Still ended up with Emily Murphy for a picnic.


Cam has cerebral palsy and talks a little fuzzy.  He likes talking to Siri.

Today’s question: What’s 0 divided by 0?

This is what the screen said….

Hi.  It’s Video Vic. And I’m putting together a  swimming video.


July 31, 2017 — Glenrose and golf: a great team

Welcome, welcome, welcome!


Cam has news about a big golf tournament this week..

Yes, yes, yes.

Come on in for breakfast, fellas. We’ll get you going.

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Jungle Jay was there for us; let’s be there for Jay — July 9

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God bless you, my friend

Bidding the Gentle Giant farwell

My friend:

I met Dave Semenko in 1978. His warm compassion, love of people and dry and wicked sense of humour is what I’m embracing today.

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