Grandma Anderson’s guests for Monday, August 21, 2017

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning!


Hope you had a great weekend.

How about some maple bananna bread?  Just click my recipe book.



Good day.

And I loved Jerry Lewis.

I remember turning on the television when he had that variety show in the mid-1970’s and his name was always spelled the wrong way on the back on the  stage.

And that goofy laugh made other people chuckle. Just the sound of it.

The work he did during the Labour Day Telethon raising billions — yes, billions — to battle muscular dystrophy was, indeed, God’s work.

Jerry’s career was centred around making people laugh: a tremendous gift from God.


What>? G-R-R-R-R.
I’m\ Grumpy Gordon. Watch my cane!

I live beside this guy, Edwin and his wife Hazel. Edwin woke me up at 6 a.m. pounding nails in wood. I was having the best sleep.

I’m mad.

And when I got up to see what this joker was doing, he said he’s building a special ladder for their cat Muffin Puffin so he can climb up and have a better look at tonight’s eclipse.

Hazel even bought sun glasses for Muffin Puffin for this event.

I’m grumpy.

And Grandma  Anderson. This coffee is stale. When did you make it? Before the stone age?


August 10, 2017 – Cam ‘n Eggs and Grandma Anderson’s (UPDATED AT 9:30 A.M?a

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning!



Please Click the Pic to see what’s for breakfast today…

Editor Eddie here.



And for another great story about the Edmonton Oiler Community Foundation and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital please click the picture below

Hi. I’m Taxi Ted!

It’s my third day on the job, and, by golly, there’s more traffic here in Edmonton than my hometown, Maidestone, Sask. But we have Uncle Fred’s Eight Track fired up for …



Got a little lost Tuesday. Got confused with Anythony Henday and Princess Elizabeth. Still ended up with Emily Murphy for a picnic.


Cam has cerebral palsy and talks a little fuzzy.  He likes talking to Siri.

Today’s question: What’s 0 divided by 0?

This is what the screen said….

Hi.  It’s Video Vic. And I’m putting together a  swimming video.


Bidding the Gentle Giant farwell

My friend:

I met Dave Semenko in 1978. His warm compassion, love of people and dry and wicked sense of humour is what I’m embracing today.

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