18 — 01
18 — 01


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  • 3 Things about staying home: 1) Watching reruns of somebody trying to kill Ken Sellar " hey Ken, what's in these huge boxes ? " 2) More time to save Pop Shoppe bottles, just in case you need to defend yourself. 3) Safer, when you find pillows on at 350. 4) More time to clean the limo. That stuff just won't come out 🙂 5) Dreaming up novel ways of transporting a friend of yours down 149th street. 6) rethinking your use of eggs. 7) trying to figure out some way to get Gretzky on the cover of MY book some day (Fat chance). 8) Seeing your great, engaging face. You make me smile my friend. Be well. Keep going, Cam !

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