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The meaning of family — July 27, 2017

Cam Tait is a best-selling author and award winning journalist determined to honour the dignity and nobility of journalism ON DISABILITIES ... when it mattered and how we need it today

Grandma Anderson





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My friend,

There was an unbelievable feeling of pride I experienced Tuesday afternoon, just minutes after 1:30 p.m., when I was wheeled down the aisle in the Meota Community Complex as part of the Tait family gathered for the memorial service for my second cousin, Winston Tait. There were 50 of us — maybe more — who walked in together. Being pushed by my eldest nephew McLean was extra special.

We all have relatives we have disagreements with.  Those spats are often harboured into walls being built around us, and, if we are really stubborn, we don’t have any communication and the walls become taller, stronger and increasing hard to get over.

But when  we re-connect with someone we haven’t spoken to in a while, we’re reminded of their kindness, humour and compassion … and, how much we love them. It made me think of …



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