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Tait’s Eight: 8 Reasons why I love Fort Edmonton Park

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When our grandson Nicholas was 2 years old, he was a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine. My wife Joan quickly took the cue and took him  to Fort Edmonton Park to ride the Park’s train. Nicholas meet the train crew and quickly became a  fan of the Park.

Over the years, Nicholas got to know the train crew of the steam train, known as “the 107”, especially engineers Brooke Edwards and Robin Benbow.




In 2016 Brooke helped Nicholas become the first junior conductor at Fort Edmonton Park



A Cam Column, or Tait’s Tales

Nic will the junior conductor again this summer on the 107 steam train at Fort Edmonton Park. Email me  and come ride the train with us!


The opening of Fort Edmonton Park was Saturday. Nic and Nana were there … and he took this picture.



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