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SALUTING ALLAN WACHOWICH: June 29 Sun column; personal note; video …. and, more!

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Humble, hard-working and honest. Those are just three traits of Wachowich, the retired Chief Justice of Alberta Queen’s Bench.
If you’re around him for, even just a few minutes, you see a man who holds himself so well. The Polish Prince, as he is known to his countless friends, greets you with a firm — but oh-so-welcoming — handshake.
Wachowich then digs into his fully-equipped arsenal of one-liners and barbs. We laugh.
Then, like clockwork, Wachowich sincerely asks the important stuff. How’s your health? How’s your family? The job? Is there anything he could help you with?
And, before he comes in for another signature handshake, Wachowich finds something witty to say before bidding you so long.
You may have noticed: Wachowich shies away from talking about himself.

Dear Allan:

I owe you a letter. Or two. Maybe, three. Because you always shared time, over the years, to write me letters about something I wrote in the newspaper. You are always so kind and encouraging. Sure, we’ve had many laughs: I am particularly proud t  I have never appeared before you in your role as Chief Justice of Court of Queens Bench of Alberta. v But we’ve also had some heart-to-heart chats. I have always admired the things you have done … the way you carry yourself. That’s why I was so thrilled with today’s announcement. Congratulations, my friend, on receiving the Order of Canada. 

— Cam

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