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17 — 01

MacT Moment No. 1: HEADLIGHTS


I met Craig MacTavish in the late 1980’s.  We are very good friends and I  wish him well on his new coaching job in the KHL and thought I would share a few MacT Moments.

In 1991, MacT wheeled me in the sand trap on the 18th green of the Edmonton Country Club for a fundrraising deal. It was Bill Penny’s Pro Am. Golfers paid $20 to guesss how many shots it  would take me get out of the sand and on to the green. MacT stayed with me and re-position me for every shot. We were in the sand for 45 minutes, and it took me 48 shots to get out. Halfway through, MacT had an idea:

“Don’t worry if it gets dark before you’re out. I’ll go get my truck and shine the headlights on you.”

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