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Grandma Anderson, at your service (8:30 a.m. UpTait – July 20, 2017)

Cam Tait is a best-selling author and award winning journalist determined to honour the dignity and nobility of journalism ON DISABILITIES ... when it mattered and how we need it today


Well, good morning. Isn’t it a wonderful day? Yes, yes, yes. I am so happy to be here to take your Cam ‘n Eggs order. I’ll be right back.  But first …



We all want the best for our families, our friends, and, even as scripture says, our enemies. Christians have five powerful words we offer to those we know in need.  And, we can employ those same five words to strangers, who grab our hearts, with a mere glimpse. Maybe it’s someone sitting alone in a diner with  a tear slowly sliding down their sad withdrawn  face …. maybe it’s someone we know, very well, but they just don’t see to be themselves …. or, maybe it’s someone we know who is on top of the world, and we want to show our love. But we don’t know how to. It’s so simple. It’s those five magical words: “I will pray for you.”

Oh, my goodness. Do you enjoye scones in the morning? And scones with raisins? Yes, yes. yes. Here’s a recipie from Mable, who lives a few blocks away on Lone Pine Avenue.

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 fan and line a tray with baking paper. …

  2. Mix in the sugar and raisins. …

  3. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured work surface and cut into 12 using a cookie cutter.

  4. Put the scones on the tray and glaze with left over milk and cook for 10-15 minutes

  5.      How is everyone? Oh my goodness. I’ll get you cmore jam for your toast. Yes, yes, yes.  How time flies, doesn’t it? Neil Armstrong walked on the moon this day in 1969.


I’ll be back throughout the day.  Take good care

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