28 — 06
28 — 06



I’m cranky cam. and, I’m cranky because of our prime minister. He’s in a pickle, isn’t he? And I am not going  to go into a deep dive on the political implications and what that means for the federal government election. There are people with more experience than I to properly dissect this mayhem of a mess.

Here is what I will  ask: we have three grandsons. I ask you, mr. Trudeau, our leader of our country. You are monkeying around with ethics, a few fibs, and other questionable moves. With respect, sir — AND, FOR GOODNESS SAKES, IF YOU’RE GOING TO WEAR A TIE,  DO IT UP — what kind of an example are you setting for not only our grandsons. But all Canadians.

I’m cam.  And this really makes me cranky.