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Grumpy Gord has a problem — 11:45 (16.10.17)

I went to vote today. I took my ballot chocolate covered strawberries. A boquet of flowers. My favourite pillow Smokey the dog sleeps on. I told the battlot how special it was, how much I loved it. And then I massaged all four corners. Then, the election guy behind the desk comes over and tells me I can’t vote. Because,… I spoiled the ballot. I’m grumpy now!.

Pastor Pete — On the PP: prayer power – 10.15.17

Hello, brothers and sisters. I was reminfded the almighty power of prayer the other day when I went to Mrs. Jackson’s funeral. I knew there would be a big crowd, and there was. So, right before I turned onto Brentwood Street, I said a little prayer for God to get me a safe, close parking spot. Within  seconds,  a car pulled out, a block away from the church and there was my safe, close parking spot. Sometimes, all we have to do is … ask.  








A 40-year-old dream comes true: my sermon on Oct. 1

My first public speaking experience was in 1974 when Reverend Robert O’Neil asked me to read the 23rd Psalm in front of Sunday congregation at Trinity United Church. I’ve been so very blessed to have been able to speak — even in comedy clubs — all over Canada since 1981.

I have always wanted to preach one day.

In 2015 I was baptized at Zion Community Church and my dream was re-kinlded to preach.

Last Sunday, I had the chance.

Below is the link to the livestream from our church. My sermon starts at the 40 minute mark.  And, I’ve also included the versus we had on the screen and my Zion family read them not for me … but,  with me during the service.


God bless.






A word from Pastor Pete – 7.10.17

After a brief holiday back to northern Michigan for a visit with my family, we’re back in the Edmonton area to celebrate Thanksgiving. Ah, yes: the wonderful fall colors, the end of harvest, the start of hockey season. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) But this weekend is a time to be with family, to celebrate them, to encoourage them to dream and to be with eachother. And to give thanks to Our Lord for the precious gift of family.