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Cam ‘n Eggs — July 19, 2017 -12 noon. UpTait … OR, a very late breakfast

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Good morning, like, come on right in. My name is Tina. You can, like, sit anywhere you. want. I’ll come back and, like, get your order. But first here’s today’s scripture reading from Cam


When I was a young boy my parents — and I thank The Lord for them every night when I pray — heard of a new treatment program for young kids with cerebral palsy in Philadelphia. (CBC TV produced a documentary on our family in 1966 and there’s a link to it at the end of this page.) Research showed kids, who were on the program, responded poorly to it if they listened to music. So despite Mom played the piano and Dad loved playing the clarinet, we didn’t have any music in our house for five years. Every time a song came over the television, Mom and Dad turned down the volume. It helped and is ironic since I am such of fan of radio, and music. Now, some 50 years later, I find I write better when I have music — especially Motown or smooth jazz. My prayer, for you, today is wherever you take a song in your heart.






Would you like, like, another cup of coffee?  I really, like, hope to sun comes out this afternoon because, like, my friends and hope to, like, go to the beach, like after work. I checked the forecast, like, last night and, like, they said it might, like, go up to up to 20 but it might, like. rain.





Mayor Don Iveson had this to say Monday

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I know, like, you drink our own coffee here. But, like I just heard it’s Howard Schultz’s birthday today. And he’s like the founder of Starbucks. I wonder if he’ll, like, have an Americano today with a cherry on top.





Thank you for coming in today. I have to, like, cash out now. Wise Wally will be your waiter tomorrow. Have a good day.



Send me an email. Please. Come on. We’re having a draw on August 4. I’ll take the 50th email I  get here for lunch in Rogers Place. Say hi at cam@camtait.com.

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