Welcome to my P.H.D.!


December 11, 2017

Welcome to my PHD!

While researching the exact definition of a PHD, a few words in bold type struck me.

To achieve something significant, they read.

I’ll provide a link with the real meaning at the end of my welcome note. But something was sparked, and while I have the utmost respect for people who actually earn a PHD — a great accomplishment — I looked at my own life. I strive, every day, to be just a millimetre better than the previous. I like to make a point with acronyms and came up with my very own PHD: three pillars that continually prop me propel me.

I want to share them with you.


I am a Christian. I’m a Christian, and I’ve had first hand experience of God’s answering all sorts of prayers, including prayers that come from a place of anger, or confusion,  or even questioning and lack of faith. We pray, too, to give thanks when  we are blessed with something wonderful from God. The only prerequisite to God hearing our prayers is that we pray.


Under the PRAYER  section, we’re going to share stories about the power of prayer. And then there’s my good friend Pastor Pete who welcomes prayer requests and prayers of thanks.

We hope you share a minute or two to send a prayer. You can send it so others can see it and pray for you, too. Or, if you want to send a private message to Pastor Pete, we have that set up, too.

A prayer can be the truest form of hope we have. I pray you will share prayer or two here.


Did you hear the one about …? Humour has been a constant companion of mine – something I get from my father. Dad didn’t only teach me how to laugh: he taught me how to think to make others laugh. I share a funny something  — story, video, picture — under the H section.

And, I encourage you to share something funny from your day. We all can use laughter as an universal language, often the key to never opened doors before.

Humour. Let’s share.


Communication is so very important because everyone has thoughts, opinions, ideas, philosophies and so much more. The need for discussion is paramount.

I’ve been so blessed to have a newspaper column where I get to express my opinion. You may not agree with me, and that’s OK, too. Sharing ideas has the wonderful potential of making positive changes for the future.

I’ll be sharing my pieces from the Edmonton Sun, the Oiler Entertainment Group, a few new essays, news stories and much more. But … this isn’t all about me. Not at all.

In order for this idea to work, I really want to hear from you. We have several areas where you can add your comments. I appreciate we live busy lives, so if you could just click the “Like” button or “Don’t like”, I’d really be grateful.

We’re going to give something for everyone. If you only have a minute, we have some quick hits. Or, if you visit us with your favourite beverage in hand and want a long, in-depth read, we have that, too. 

My PHD.  I sincerely hope I can share it with you on a regular basis!!! 

God bless,